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If you still do not know where to travel in 12 months in Vietnam? This article will suggest you!
If you still do not know where to travel in 12 months in Vietnam? This article will suggest you!

The golden rice season on the terraced fields of Ha Giang

07 10 2020 1044
Going to Ha Giang, in addition to the Dong Van Plateau attracting tourists with ancient beauty, you should visit Hoang Su Phi where there are the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam to admire the picture of brilliant golden rice fields. 
Every autumn, visitors to Ha Giang will not be able to resist the splendid, beauty of the rice terraced fields that are ripe like inlaid with gold spreading throughout the mountains in Ha Giang.
Nho Que River

Many people know Ha Giang because of the fragile beauty of the buckwheat, the grandeur of Ma Pi Leng pass and the national spirit on the northernmost point of Lung Cu of the country but this place also attracts the visitor's soul because the terraced fields stretching vast.

Whenever autumn comes, the domestic and foreigner tourist areas spread to each other about these rice fields. And then so, each group busily flocked to Ha Giang to admire the beautiful beauty with their own eyes.
In autumn, when the rice color begins to turn yellow, people are also busy with the harvest. The Dao girls and the Mong people are radiant and attractive in traditional clothes, smiling brightly when another good season is added. The gentle, subtle ripe rice scent spreads throughout the space, along with the fresh and cool scent of the forest blending with the mountains and forests.

Best shooting spot in Ha Giang

The most beautiful Ha Giang to include Hoang Su Phi - the most beautiful terraces in Vietnam located in the area of ​​6 communes Ban Luoc, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen. You should come here in September - October when the ripe rice flowers are covered with gold in the Northwest sky.

In addition, you can also go to the North labyrinth from Dong Van to Ha Giang city. With a total rice area of ​​over 712 ha in communes such as Yen Dinh commune, Minh Ngoc commune, Minh Son ... You can see a vast rice field in May when people harvest the spring rice crop, or in October - 2nd rice crop of the year.
Or on the way from Dong Van to Lung Cu, you can also admire the whole scene of the ripe rice season on the October days when the ethnic people here start to harvest and the children also go to help the family. 
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