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If you still do not know where to travel in 12 months in Vietnam? This article will suggest you!

22 09 2020 1518
Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes waiting for you to explore.
In this article, I will suggest to you each month the most beautiful and interesting place for you to schedule your visit to Vietnam.
In January:
- Da Lat City: "Sakura season": When the weather changes in mid-January, it is also the time when the cherry apricot trees bloom to signal spring. The whole city of Da Lat wore a beautiful pink shirt. This is also a suitable time to visit Da Lat because the weather is not too cold, nor is the sun hot.

- Sa Dec City:  "Flowers are blooming": Sa Dec flower village is often called "Dalat flower city of the West of Vietnam". The December lunar month is the time when the flowers in Sa Dec are in full bloom and so this is also the time when the Sa Dec flower village is the most beautiful and vibrant of the year.

- Moc Chau town: "plum blossoms season": In the last days of winter and early spring, the whole Moc Chau plateau is covered with pure white color of plum blossoms. Moc Chau plum blossoms do not grow sporadically, but often bloom a whole hill, a valley, creating a very poetic scene. Plum blossom season here usually comes in the first days of January and lasts about 2 to 3 weeks.

In February:
- The Northwest of Vietnam is immersed in peaches: Spring is the season of blooming flowers and the flowers that cannot be ignored in this season are cherry blossoms. In the Northwest, at this time, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, creating a very romantic scene that everyone will fall in love.

- Ninh Thuan grape season: In Ninh Thuan province, which is famous for its green vineyards, now Ninh Thuan grapes are available for 4 crops per year and in February you can also enjoy ripe grapes. This time, the weather in Ninh Thuan is also quite pleasant.

- Nha Trang sea snail season: Nha Trang snail season starts from February, so visiting Nha Trang on this occasion will not only enjoy the wonderful sea atmosphere but also eat delicious seafood, In which, it is impossible not to mention sea snails such as snails, vinegar snails, cockles ...

In March:
 - The Central Highlands  in the coffee flower season: From February to April each year, on the land of the Central Highlands, white coffee flowers flourish. The coffee gardens are dyed white, giving off a very seductive scent.

- Con Dao island deciduous season: Every year, around the end of March, Con Dao eagle tree changes its leaf color from green to red in the sky. Coming to Con Dao this season, you will also enjoy the season of red-leafed eagle.

- Nam Du island hunts for green-bone fish: Nam Du is famous for its specialties of green-bone fish, which is most abundant from February to May. The fish meat is not only sweet but also chewy, rolled with rice paper, served with vegetables forests create a unique identity that few places have. Therefore, coming to Nam Du island in March, you can not only immerse in the sea scenery but also enjoy specialties that are not available anywhere else.

In April:
- Da Nang and Fireworks Festival: Every April, Da Nang is bustling with fireworks festivals. Each year, the fireworks festival here has its own theme, bringing interesting colors and emotions to the audience when viewed live.

- Quy Nhon king crab season: The beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon possesses beautiful and romantic beaches, but one thing that cannot be ignored is the diverse and rich cuisine. of which the most notable is king crab dish. 

In May:
- Ninh Binh rice is ripe and golden: In May, Ninh Binh in the season of ripe rice, creating a romantic scene. At this time, the fields in Tam Coc wear a brilliant yellow color, highlighting the lush green of the mountain, creating a beautiful natural picture.

- Ha Long season of blue sea: May is summer in Ha Long, at this time, the sky and the sea are clear and beautiful. Coming to Ha Long at this time, you can also enjoy delicious and delicious seafood.

- Hue City "golden phoenix flower season": Come again, in May, when golden phoenix flowers (also known as scallop flowers) bloom all over the streets of Hue dreaming. The yellow phoenix flower closely resembles a tree and leaf shape like a phoenix, but the flower is smaller and the color is saffron. Fragile petals, blown in the wind, create a beautiful carpet of bright yellow flowers on the street.

 In June
- Sa Pa plum picking season: Sa Pa weather in June is very mild, the rate of rain is low, the temperature is comfortable. This is the time when the young seedlings are growing, making Sa Pa bring a fresh and vibrant color. Besides, this time is also the season of plum ripe here, do not miss the experience of picking plums in the garden and enjoy fresh and delic.

In July
- Can Tho "ripe fruit season": Can Tho is endowed with fertile soil and abundant freshwater sources, creating famous fruits throughout the country. Coming to Can Tho in July, you will enjoy all kinds of fruits, especially this is also very delicious strawberry and rambutan season.

- Tam Dao in the chayote season: On hot summer days, you can come to Tam Dao town to avoid the heat and enjoy the delicious chayote. The time of July is when Tam Dao chayote are the most abundant and delicious of the year. During the summer months, burning vegetables can last from 20 to 30 cm is normal.

- Cao Bang admires Ban Gioc waterfall: Ban Gioc waterfall is a majestic natural beauty, attractive located between the four great mountains and deep green mountains. The rainy season in July is also the time when the waterfall poured water, pouring white foam, very suitable for trips to Ban Gioc waterfall.

In August
- Ben Tre fruit season: Ben Tre is famous for its green coconut trees, durian gardens, rambutan, .... Every August, people invite each other to Ben Tre to welcome the floating water season with the markets on the river flooded with fruit.

- Phan Thiet dragon fruit season: In addition to being fondly donated to the title of coastal city, Phan Thiet is also given the nickname "dragon fruit kingdom" by many visitors who have visited. The lush green dragon fruit gardens are also a check-in place loved by many people. August is also the time but dragon fruit in Phan Thiet is in the main season.

In September
- Dong Thap lotus flowers bloom: Lotus Dong Thap Muoi blooms in the flooding season around from July to October of the lunar calendar, so if you want to watch the lotus bloom during the September period of the calendar is very appropriate. Sen is present everywhere in Dong Thap. Right on the golden ripe rice field, the lotus is mixed in, forming a highlight for the beautiful natural picture.

- An Giang flood season: The annual floating water season in the Mekong River Delta starts from around September to November, flood water from upstream massively flows downstream and into the sea, in which An Giang lives watershed, is one of the earliest floods. The water season brings shrimp and fish for the meals of the people, brings alluvium to the fields, brings a happy season with a new shirt to An Giang land.

In October
- Son La: "hunts for clouds in Ta Xua mountain": Located in Bac Yen district, Son La province, Ta Xua has a bold northwestern beauty with thick mountains, winding passes, and fog. The right time to hunt for clouds is from October to April, so don't miss this occasion!

- The Northwest of the rice ripe season: October is the time when the vast terraced fields in the Northwest wear the golden color of the ripe rice season. At this time, the weather is more temperate, creating ideal conditions for people to conquer the rugged mountain roads, touching the beautiful, wild scenery of the Northwest sky and earth.

- Hoi An brilliant full moon night:  Hoi An ancient town on the full moon day, you will fully enjoy the ancient Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere. Every street, lane is extremely noisy and vibrant with lanterns, gifts and decorations.

In November
- Ha Giang is triangular season: November is the time when triangular flowers bloom, the colorful flowers with purple rose color stretching all the way covering the majestic mountain and forest space of Ha Giang, making everyone infatuated. You can explore the triangular flower fields in Sung La, Pho Bang village, Lung Tao hillside ...

- Da Lat season of wild flowers, rose grass hill: Wildflowers and rose grass hill are also one of the specialties of Dalat and do not forget to visit this flower city to record memorable photos!

- Phu Yen with yellow flowers on green grass: If you are in love with the picturesque scenery in the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass", you must come to Phu Yen on this occasion. The time of November, Phu Yen has a cool air and the natural scenery is also extremely beautiful.

In December
- Sa Pa and Winter Festival: December is a very cold time in Sa Pa, but this is also the time when you will have the opportunity to touch the snow. Besides, you can also participate in interesting winter festivals and enjoy the fascinating cuisine in Sa Pa.

- Moc Chau canola flower blooming season: Starting from late November to December is when the canola fields in Moc Chau bloom, blooming amidst the majestic vast mountains. In particular, in the vast expanses of land, canola flowers bloom and cover the hillsides, creating a scene like a paradise full of flowers.

- Phu Quoc dry season: December is during the dry season in Phu Quoc. At this time, the island is sunny but has a gentle sea breeze, very suitable for you to swim and experience life on the island.
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